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Safety is our Mission

Vision Zero - that means aiming for zero deaths in the future.

Against this background, the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) developed the first joint national strategy for road safety in Germany with the federal states, municipalities and communities. This led to a comprehensive social "pact for road safety".

All parties are committed to a common goal, because every person killed in traffic is one too many!

We also have responsibility and we make a decisive contribution with our products to making roads more safe around the world. In particular, our mobile safety systems Drop & Pick, the mobile crash protection systems and our VarioSign LED trailer Pharos offer reliable protection in road traffic and significantly increases the safety of all road users!

Mobile crash protection systems

Road works in traffic conditions are a road safety hazard, but absolutely necessary for maintaining infrastructure. Our mobile crash protection systems, which can be used without great effort, offer reliable protection. Thanks to our Rambo II, there were neither deaths nor serious injuries in the accident shown here. Learn more...

Drop & Pick system

No need to enter the live traffic zone! The Drop & Pick system enables complete safeguard of road work zone with just one vehicle and one person.
This significantly reduces the risk of accidents and also saves costs for materials and personnel. Learn more...

VarioSign LED warning trailer PHAROS

Thanks to powerful LED modules, a wide range of display options and compatibility with intelligent control systems, our PHAROS is suitable for a wide range of applications, from blocking of hazardous locations to traffic management at events. Learn more...