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The new Drop & Pick system and mobile warning trailer A51 from Nissen

After the success of the Drop & Pick trailer, Nissen now presents the Drop & Pick Van enhancement as an autonomous vehicle.

The new Drop & Pick System van offers a solution for two challenges at the same time: cordoning off road traffic work areas while providing maximum safety to the specialist staff.

In this process, individual modules with LED message signs or 616 characters are transported to the site of operation and are placed down and picked up again when needed automatically. This means that any work site is fully equipped by means of only one vehicle and one man. Not only are costs reduced – work safety is enhanced by automatic processes since personnel no longer need to enter the traffic flow. 

As a further addition to the product range, Nissen presents the mobile warning trailer A51, which makes it possible to transport two LED advance warning panels. In this way, a complete roadwork site can now be secured by using just one vehicle. This provides for substantial reductions with regard to personnel and material costs. The new warning trailer A51 is characterised by a particularly robust module-based chassis with a wealth of carefully considered details. These include, for example, the tow-bar that is height-adjustable so that the trailer can be used with different vehicles, support frames for warning signs, six 400 daN lashing points and a motorised winch with 10 m cable and remote control. Owing to energy-saving LED warning and advance warning lights, the warning board itself provides for especially long operating times.

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