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WeNiPol III - the third generation!

more signs, more efficient!

The Nissen WeNiPol is a flexible system for folding LED variable message signs on service vehicles. Tried and tested worldwide, the third generation of this system offers even more advantages.

Wide range of potential applications 

Whether for securing and guidance of rescue operations, road closures, traffic management during traffic jams, events or public demonstrations - the new WeNiPol III can be ordered in the appropriate size, depending on the purpose.

Intuitive handling 

With the TouchRemote operation, the WeNiPol III can be lift and lower and signs, texts and scenes can be called up in real time. Frequently used signs can be conveniently saved as favourites.

Dynamic display 

For WeNiPol III, nine LED display sizes in the Classic variant with four colours or the RGB variant with 256 colours are available. Any signs and texts can be displayed dynamically. The system is ready to start immediately and is adapted to the ambient brightness automatically or manually.

Optimised aerodynamics 

Thanks to the optimised aerodynamics, it is possible for speeds up to 120 km/h when lifted, and speeds up to even 190 km/h when lowered. In addition, fuel consumption and driving noise are reduced.

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