Traffic Cone Lamp Type 620-LK

  • To be integrated in traffic cones 750 mm
  • High flash intensity, with automatic day/night adaptation
  • Better recognition due to additional steady light at night
  • Battery level indication in the lamp head
  • Double warning effect due to traffic cone and active LED light
  • Complete lamp firmly connected with the traffic cone
  • High stability due to low centre of gravity
  • For operation with 4 dry cell batteries

Light colour

Eff. light intensity day
500 cd

Av. power consumpt. day
0,05 A

Operating voltage
6 V

Light source

1,8 kg

Traffic Cone Lamp Type 620-LK Order-Nr.
Traffic Cone Lamp Type 620-LK, 6 V, one-sided amber
without traffic cone
130 304-51
Traffic Cone Lamp type 620-LK, 6 V, two-sided amber
without traffic cone
130 314-51
Accessories and spare parts Order-Nr.
Dry Cell Battery Premium 800, 6V, 7 Ah – 9 Ah 155 051
Battery Konstant 45, 6 V, 45-50 Ah 155 056
Operation time with one set of batteries
With battery Premium 800 one-sided 700 hrs
two-sided 350 hrs
With battery Konstant 45 one-sided 4500 hrs
two-sided 2200 hrs
To the Batteries

Package unit

1 pcs in one carton

Approval number

Traffic Cone Lamp Type 620-LK