Small Beacon (Indicator)

  • Beacon according to German Standards
  • Compatible with traffic guidance system Quick Marker
  • Equipable with all common foil types on one or both sides
  • Reflecting area 125 x 500 mm
  • Can be run over several times without danger



Dimensions (HxWxD)
660 x 130 x 32.6 mm

0.32 kg

Transport and storage rack
Small Beacon (Indicator) Order-Nr.
Indicator, one-sided, foil RA2 pointing left
071 255-21
Indicator, one-sided, foil RA2 pointing right
071 265-21
Indicator, two-sided, foil RA2 pointing right
071 260-21
Indicator, two-sided, foil RA2 pointing right/left
071 270-21
Accessories and spare parts Order-Nr.
Transport and storage rack for up to 150 small beacons 081 608-1

Package unit

25 pcs in one carton
also available in other quantities
Small Beacon (Indicator)