Quick Marker

  • Strong road grip by skid-resistant base-studs, no collection of water
  • To be removed from the road surface without traces
  • Openings for reflector elements, indicators and beacon Tornado 75-Flex
  • Practical assembly tool available
  • Curve laying possible
  • Made of recycled material

recycled plastic material

Dimensions (LxWxH)
Quick Marker
1000 x 275 x 95 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH)
initial/end piece
500 x 275 x 95 mm

Quick Marker 19 kg.
initial/end piece 9 kg

Assembly tool
Reflector element
Quick Marker Order-Nr.
Quick Marker Type B, yellow, with 2 reflector elements 070 665-541
Quick Marker start piece with recess, yellow
070 660-4
Quick Marker end piece with nose, yellow 070 662-4
Accessories and spare parts Order-Nr.
Hexagon head screw M12 x 80, hot-galvanized 010 283
Box spanner insert for bolting Quick Marker elements 070 373
Unlocking tool for Indicator 070 378-1
Reflector elements, yellow (2 pcs each Quick Marker needed) 070 642-4
Screw set for Quick Marker consists of: 1 screw  10x160 mm, 1 U-washer10,5 mm and 1 plug Ø8-10x80 mm For fixing on the ground 070 648
Assembly tool for Quick Marker 070 653-2

Package unit

56 pcs on one pallet / weight: 1064 kg
also available in other quantities
Quick Marker