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Warning Safety Lamps

City Flash 63/S LED

  • Rapid use lamp with high light intensity
  • Switchable solar switch for use at night only or at day and night
  • Attachment to tubes and barriers by theft-proof NiKo bracket (accessory)
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Star-Flash LED 610

  • High flash intensity at day and night, effective especially at poor sight
  • Switching on by external, rain-protected switch
  • Use on folding traffic signs without additional adapter or on traffic cones with adapter
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Star-Flash LED 620

  • Only one LED, therefore low current consumption and long operating times
  • Automatic day/night adaptation
  • Optionally with transport- and charging cradle, freely expandable
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Traffic Cone Lamp 340 LED

  • For use in traffic cones of 750 mm and 1000 mm height
  • With 4 LED, therefore effective warning even at poor sight
  • Double warning effect due to traffic cone and active LED light
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  • Early recognition of danger spots
  • Synchronized light sequence to ensure save passing of the hazardous spot
  • Space saving placement in compact storage and charging box
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QuickFlash LED

  • Only 1 LED, therefore low current consumption and long operating times
  • Space saving storage due to stackability with locking aid
  • Easy handling through the optimum positioning of carrying handles
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