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For efficient traffic management

Increasing traffic requires efficient traffic management. Profit from our legally compliant solutions for mobile use.

Mobile congestion warning system

Powerful central processing unit

The TrafficManager is web-based software which permits remote monitoring and manual or automated switching of measurement and display cross-sections.

  • Individual circuits or groups for simultaneous switching of any number of devices
  • Constant monitoring incl. switching history, charge status and connection quality
  • Scenarios such as speed funnels are freely programmable
  • Clear visualisation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Convenient management of multiple projects without login and logout
  • Individual assignment of rights for administrators, operators and observers

Legally compliant operator centre

A dedicated computer centre is available for using the central processing unit in accordance with M TI 2015. This fulfils all requirements for contract data processors and monitoring of telematics applications in road traffic. 

  • Powerful and redundantly mirrored servers
  • Redundant online connection
  • Permanent monitoring by certified specialists
  • Response to disturbances within 45 minutes
  • Documentation in a black box that is admissible as evidence in court
  • Proof of technical properties for calls for tender

Precise measurement cross-sections

With up to four radar sensors, the Nissen Guard congestion box records the number of vehicles and their speed across multiple lanes. The level of service (LOS) thus determined is transmitted to the central processing unit via a secure mobile telecommunications link.

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Mobile deployment and ease of use
  • Quick mounting
  • Low power consumption for long service times
  • Independent power supply through optional solar modules

Optimal display cross-sections

The variable message signs in the Nissen VarioSign LED system can dynamically display traffic signs and texts. The modular design of the SMD boards, which are manufactured in house, permits configuration of display cross-sections in various sizes.

  • Better visibility through active light
  • CE approved optical system
  • Reduction of congestion, hazards and accidents
  • Variable potential applications
  • Wide variety of displays
  • Low energy consumption

Varied possibilities

As one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile road safety sector, Nissen has developed a system that encompasses the central processing unit, operator centre and measurement and display cross-sections for a very wide range of applications:

  • Automatic and manual remote switching
  • Mobile congestion warning systems
  • Detours
  • Traffic management at events

Discover the advantages!

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