Optimally positioned with the mobile traffic light system LZA 500 – LED from Nissen

Construction and work sites always affect moving traffic, which makes traffic jams and accidents more probable especially with an increased traffic volume. With its mobile LZA 500-LED traffic light system, Nissen offers an efficient, in-house developed and manufactured solution, which ensures trouble-free and safe maintenance of traffic circulation.

The mobile traffic light system impresses by its simple design and its intuitive menu guidance. A large selection of 52 pre-installed and self-explanatory programs ensures reliable handling of a variety of construction site lengths and numbers of vehicles and speeds. Furthermore, 99 individual programs can be stored. Six different programs can be created for every operating day, making it possible to adapt the system to the most diverse situations. Green and clearance phases can be manually entered or automatically calculated.  The integrated GPS receiver allows for the use of the timer function and for programming various daily and weekly sequences.

Safe and trouble-free transport is also ensured. The LZA 500-LED can be folded so as to save space, making it possible to transport the system for a whole crossroad to the site of operation with just  one trailer. When the system is folded, the receiver mast can be securely attached to the transducer trolley. The powerful battery in the transducer trolley provides for a long operating time. Thanks to the energy-saving LED technology, the system can be operated for up to 12 days on a single charge.

More information about the LZA 500-LED and many other products from Nissen can be found at nissen-germany.com.