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Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co. KG Declaration of Compliance

(also applicable to all associated companies in which Nissen has a direct or indirect share)(hereinafter referred to as “Nissen”)


Nissen is a globally acting manufacturer of products developed and produced for the improvement of road safety. Because our products ultimately serve to protect all road users, they need to meet the highest demands in terms of quality and functionality. 

It is therefore essential that all members of staff are offered opportunities for the development of their talents and creativity and for maintaining their knowledge and competencies at the highest level possible. Last not least Nissen views offering all its staff a safe, healthy, suitably challenging and satisfying workplace as a paramount responsibility.

Nissen simultaneously also prides itself as a fair business partner to its customers and suppliers, as a firm guided by pertinent legislation and awareness of its responsibility towards society in general and the environment in particular and in this respects measuring itself and others against high ethical standards. 

These claims apply not only to Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co. KG but likewise to all companies local and abroad in which the company shareholders have a direct or indirect share, to their staff and management as well as to any other business partners or persons in a cooperative relationship with Nissen.

Everyone interacting with us – irrespective in which form – is therefore entreated to adopt Nissen’s principles and to apply these in daily life.

Business principles:

Nissen’s principles as declared and set out below constitute a moral guideline and an expression of responsible corporate culture. 

Nissen at all times conducts its business in compliance with pertinent legislation and expects management, staff and business partners to do the same. Violation of applicable law or immoral conduct shall be absolutely unacceptable.

This pursuit of integrity begins with the respect for the fundamental rights of all human beings as set out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights Standard, pursuant to which human dignity is inviolable. Fundamental human rights shall always have top priority. Forced labour and child labour shall be proscribed. 

Nissen’s zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, mobbing, harassment and similar conduct in respect of working with employees and management shall be paramount. 

All staff shall receive a proper contract of employment, timeous payment commensurate with performance and appropriate equipment including state of the art tools and suitable protective gear. The workplace conditions shall take cognisance of all requirements in terms of safety, health and environmental impact. The prevention of accidents and injuries to staff are a special priority at Nissen. Staff shall be comprehensively informed of their rights and duties. Work council and trade unions shall be allowed to perform their work without interference. All superiors shall be role models to their subordinates in terms of observance of business principles.

The most valuable capital of any company is a loyal staff complement identifying itself with the company and its goals and guided by prudent managers ensuring implementation of these goals.

Top integrity and fairness should furthermore be the hallmark of cooperation with customers, suppliers and other business partners. Nissen will not tolerate criminal or dishonest conduct. Especially the acceptance of benefits, price fixing, active and passive bribery and tolerance and encouragement of corruption in any shape or form will be curtailed through observance of these business principles. In particular, the numerous clients in the public sector must be convinced by the quality and pricing of our products and not by bribes in any form, since contractors may otherwise justifiably lose orders when they are blocked under the tenders. Its good reputation is more important to Nissen than short-term benefits.

We do not make gifts or grant any benefits, nor do we allow any advantages designed to influence the decisions of business partner in our favour – and we expect the same from these. Our donations are exclusively to charitable or non-profit purposes, never to political parties or lobbyists. We shall treat our business partners with the respect they deserve and neither pass on nor abuse confidential information. We shall provide our business partners with honest and correct information and through fair conduct prevent misunderstandings. Any arising differences shall be settled through open dialogue. Not only is the acceptance of benefits and bribery rejected, but the prosecution of such offenses is actively supported. We shall ensure proper bookkeeping and record keeping of all company transactions and shall grant internal and external auditors unlimited access to such information. 

Environmentally responsible and sustainable utilisation of valuable resources is afforded special priority. We shall wherever possible make use of environmentally friendly, recyclable raw materials for the manufacture of our products and give preference to suppliers who do likewise. Not only do we dispose of environmentally hazardous waste in compliance with applicable environmental laws, but we shall also endeavour to have such waste recycled. Waste material shall be properly separated and stored and environmental pollution through emissions shall be avoided. Energy shall be used thriftily and efficiently. 

Violations of these business principles by staff or management shall be punishable through disciplinary measures, potentially even dismissal or filing of charges with the public prosecutor. Managers shall be encouraged not to enter into or maintain business relations unless our principles will be upheld. We only do business with partners who accept our moral principles. The hallmarks of all our actions shall be dealing with people respectfully, abiding by the law and responsibly treating the environment and society . Nissen must naturally as a company also be mindful of its sustainable profitability. Yet, even under such constraints, activities cannot be subordinated to economic interests alone, but a company must constantly examine whether it is living up to its ethical standards.


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