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Nissen's Drop & Pick system makes it possible to secure entire road works sites completely using only one vehicle and one worker and makes it unnecessary to set foot in the traffic zone.

ALL-IN-ONE Solution



The Nissen Drop & Pick System consists of a vehicle or trailer with up to three deployable modules. These can be equipped with virtually all country-specific illuminated arrow combinations or LED variable message signs. Thus, road works sites can be secured simply, completely and in compliance with the rules.

Automated processes

The individual modules are dropped, automatically straightened and activated at the press of a button. A rear-view camera permits monitoring of the individual process steps. At no time is it necessary to set foot in the traffic zone.

Monitoring via rear-view camera
Remote control from the driver's seat

Reliable load securing

During the journey, the modules are locked in place by sturdy load securing bolts. Like all processes, load securing occurs automatically.

Load securing bolts
Sensors for automation

Variable use

The Drop & Pick system is ideal for combination, for example, with an overhead advance warning display such as the Nissen PHAROS 2.39, also known as an overhead display, or a mobile collision protection system such as the RAMBO 2. In addition, the Drop & Pick van can also be equipped with a loading unit for other assignments.

With overhead advance warning display
With mobile collision protection system

Also as trailer

The Nissen Drop & Pick system is also available in a trailer version. Like the van, the economy version makes it possible to secure entire road works sites completely using only one vehicle and one worker without setting foot in the traffic zone.

Nissen VarioSign LED-System

The Drop & Pick modules are equipped with variable message signs from the Nissen VarioSign LED system. The SMD boards, which are produced in house, are available in various sizes and in your choice of the VarioSign Classic version with up to four colours or the VarioSign RGB version with 256 colours. The VarioSign LED system permits the use of dynamic symbols and text and stands out through high visibility even in daylight as well as optimum colour reproduction.

Basic modules
Aluminium profiles
LED Classic

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