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Mobile Warning Trailers
VarioSign LED-System

Remote controls with range

Bluetooth is an industry standard for wireless data transmission between devices over short and medium distances. Compared to other standards, Bluetooth is very stable, insensitive to reflections and allows the parallel operation of several systems. This makes it possible to operate several warning trailers with one remote control. Another advantage: Bluetooth modules from Nissen have an extremely long range.

Active monitoring

A fully functioning mobile warning trailer is essential to safety. This is particularly valid for the correct display and full visibility of the given traffic signal. To guarantee this, the operating information is transmitted to the remote control continuously. This way the staff working in front of the system can react quickly to any problems.

Infinitely variable brightness adjustment

By law, lamps must have a sensor to automatically reduce their lighting intensity. This preventsLED traffic signs from blinding drivers in the dark. Nissen warning lamps have continuous brightness adjustment that reacts precisely to the external light conditions, even in bad weather.This technology surpasses the legal requirements and also leads to even greater energy savings.

Efficient energy management

Nissen warning lamps consume little energy, thanks to their optimal optical design. Twilight switches and automatic brightness adjustment reduce power consumption even further and increase safety. Operating hour metres help to not charge the batteries too early but rather to make optimal use of their capacity. This also extends their life. Important: For maximum battery life it is essential to use the correct charger. We would be happy to advise you.

Powerful batteries

Our systems can be optimally equipped with lead gel batteries. They are easy to transport and will not leak, even in a tilted position. They also retain their high capacity for longer and are practically maintenance-free. Thanks to their longer life, gel batteries are also more environmentally friendly than the traditional lead-acid batteries.

Variable drawbar

Thanks to the easily height-adjustable drawbars, you can transport your trailers safely to the deployment location with any vehicle. Whether it is a car, a small truck or a lorry, or if the towing equipment is high or low, the connection is always parallel to the tow bar. This ensures the optimal functioning of the brakes and steering. DIN towing eyes and spherical head couplings can be changed in an instant.

Tested quality

Nissen develops its products in accordance with CE quality standards and also with the EUMachinery Guidelines. This ensures a uniformly high level of accident prevention across Europe.We are committed to the advancing of these and other guidelines, making an important contribution to improving safety for workplaces in road traffic.

VarioSign LED-System

Optical systems

Two highly developed optical systems are used in the production of our VarioSign LED traffic signs.In the classic version with a four-colour display, there is a reflector-free front panel above the LEDs.In the case of RGB technology, on the other hand, the LEDs are behind special lenses that allow the display of characters and texts in 256 colours. Both systems have been approved and tested comprehensively.

Customisable programming

VarioSign LED traffic signs come with memory modules that contain libraries with all the official symbols. You can also display custom content, which you design with software that is available from us.

LED surface

Our traffic signs are controlled by matrix circuits. This enables the simple, flexible and free programming of the matrix across all sizes, independent of the colour display.