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RAMBO II - the classic

Mobile collision protection systems increase work safety and road safety significantly. With the RAMBO II, Nissen offers a proven solution which fulfils international standards and stands out because of numerous advantages.

Double protection



The RAMBO II unites two important functions: Blocking off lanes with a country-specific illuminated arrow combination and protecting personnel, road users and work vehicles with a crash absorber in the event of a rear-end collision.

Impressive functionality

Unlike with the Nissen Guardian, the crash absorber of the RAMBO II consists of a cushion made entirely of aluminium. In the event of a collision, the crushable honeycomb structure inside absorbs the kinetic energy, thus reducing the risk of injury and damage. Advantage: The aluminium design of the RAMBO II stands out in comparison with customary crash absorbers because of its low weight.

Light aluminium construction
Protection for people and material

Simple mounting

The RAMBO II is mounted on the vehicle with a docking station including an electro-hydraulic device for unfolding it. When the system is not in use, the hydraulics hold the damper in a space-saving vertical position. The RAMBO II is recommended for use on 7.5 t or larger work vehicles. These are even required in some countries.

Simple mounting
Folded up to save space

Combinable in many ways

The RAMBO II can be equipped with virtually all country-specific illuminated arrow combinations or LED variable message signs. Thus, the system is suitable for various applications.

With closure sign
With LED variable message sign
With slider

Reliable effect

Scientific studies confirm an increased risk of accident at mobile and short-term work sites.* Mobile collision protection systems like the Nissen Guardian and the RAMBO II offer reliable protection. Unlike in Germany, these are already common in many countries, for example, Sweden, Great Britain and especially the USA.

*Institute of Highway Engineering, Aachen: Studies on the Effectiveness of TMA

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