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Battery monitor

Ensure the long-term performance of your mobile warning board. The battery monitor protects the batteries from deep discharge and protects the electronics against overloading. Flying sparks are also minimised through load-free connection during battery changes.

Charge Booster

Our charging boosters ensure that the battery is reliably charged by the towing vehicle, even over short distances. This increases the service life measurably and improves the reliability of your mobile warning board.


Operating hours meter

The detailed documentation on the use of your mobile warning trailer let you detect wear and tear in advance and replace parts like bulbs, batteries or mechanical components before they fail.
The operating hours meter also provides you with critical information to make your billing easier.

Interface package XML

This module enables secure data exchange between several devices. It makes it possible to third-party devices or control equipment using the XML interface package.

Electrical peephole VZ 222

Always have the correct information and a critical overview of oncoming traffic. Manual, electrical opening and closing of the peephole in the large round plates is convenient and increases safety.

NiBus mobil RSU modem

This digital data interface lets you control and monitor our warning and barrier systems in accordance with safety standards, regardless of your location.


Secure loading

We offer a variety of accessories for the secure transportation of materials and tools, from airline rails to safety nets and lashing rails on the floor of the loading areas.


GPS speed sensor

Our warning trailers and boards are designed for specific maximum speeds. The optional GPS speed sensor ensures that the warning board automatically retracts when the maximum speed is exceeded. The system also prevents the warning board from opening during travel.

Accessories for warning trailers and LED trailers